Living Energies is dedicated to providing you with a quality experience. Here is what some of our clients have said about our work below.

"I have a condition called Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was experiencing weakness, numbness, fatigue, incontinence, lack of equilibrium, poor eyesight, stiffness, brain lesions, and extreme memory loss when I sought treatment from Living Energies. A friend referred me to Kevin and I have continued to seek treatment from him since.

When I began biofeedback therapy, there were thirteen lesions on my brain (as indicated by MRIs). Now there is only one, which continues to decrease in size. The numbness in my legs is gone; my balance is getting better; I feel more energetic. Overall, my health has greatly improved.

MS is very difficult to live with, but when I changed my eating and drinking habits based on Kevin’s advice, I began to see significant improvements. I drink at least one and one-half gallons of Kangen water (alkaline water) each day. I find myself craving the Kangen water so much that I invested in a machine for my home, which I feel has greatly improved my health. If I am hydrated and my blood Ph is alkaline, the SCIO machines are better able to work. I currently attend treatment ever two weeks. Soon, I’ll just be going in for maintenance.

I highly recommend biofeedback therapy and Living Energies. Kevin Allen is up-to-date with current programs and techniques, which is why I prefer him to other practitioners for biofeedback. Living Energies is well worth the trip just to see the smiles, politeness, and promptness of the staff. I plan on keeping Living Energies part of my life for a long time to come."

~ Fran Barnett

"On September 30, 2013, I had a couple of mini strokes and was hospitalized. A few days later a friend asked my wife to schedule an appointment at Living Energies for me. I was overweight and had hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, and depression.

On my first visit to Living Energies, Kevin Allen advised me that he would help me, but I had to do my part. That meant doing some walking and eating a correct diet. Since then, I have lost approximately thirty pounds, have cut some of my medications in half, and have had more than enough energy to put up new gutters, tear down a small workshop, and build a 10′ x 20′ workshop all by my self.

Living Energies has really helped me in losing weight, cutting down on my medication and overall making me healthier and energized. I thank Kevin and Living Energies for all they have done for me. I am continuing to see them on a monthly basis."

~ Alberto Avila

"Living Energies actually saved my husband’s life. I witnessed the most amazing transformation of my husband. He suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and the list goes on. After the second month, his medication was cut in half. His energy level was amazing.

As I watched him get healthier, I decided to give biofeedback a try. Three months later, I feel like a new person. The pains I had gotten used to slowly disappeared. I have lost over twenty pounds. I eat healthy and have so much energy!

The best thing is that I got my husband back. We enjoy each other and do everything together. Thank you, Living Energies, Kevin and Sandy, for our new, healthier life."

~ Caroline G. Avila