Kevin Allen

Owner/Biofeedback Technician

Kevin Allen is the owner and Board Certified Practitioner for Living Energies. Biofeedback compliments his educational background in the field of abnormal psychology, in which he holds a MA. He also studied pain and stress management and is the Zone Manager for Quantum Alliance.

"Through Biofeedback I was able to harness a vision that I want to share with anyone who wants more than a conventional way of treating health-related problems. Whether a poster child for illness or a picture of health, we have all suffered in some way in our lives."

Lorus Allen

Computer Technician

Lorus Allen is a graduate from New Mexico State University. Lorus works with Internet technology, graphic design, and statistical analysis.

“I love working alongside the staff here at Living Energies. They provide good energy in the office and for our clients. You learn so much about your body and how to improve your lifestyle here. It’s great to see a client’s health improve after a visit to Living Energies.”

Martha Townsend


"I started with Living Energies when it first opened for business in Decemeber of 2006. I was very taken with what Biofeedback could do for your body to keep it healthy. Accounting is what I have done all of my adult life. I have enjoyed doing the accounting for Living Energies all of these years."

Sherry York

Projects Manager

Sherry York is a retired librarian, teacher, editor, & writer, amongst many other titles. She has received her BA, MA, MED from Sul Ross State University. She keeps the Living Energies team on task and productive throughout each month.

“Biofeedback, massage, and sauna sessions have helped me balance physical, mental, and emotional aspects of my spirit. I am grateful to be associated with Living Energies.”

Kathryn-Mae Eiland

Web & Graphic Designer

Kathryn Eiland is a recent graduate of New Mexico State University and the Dona Ana Branch. She designs and maintains the Living Energies' website, and is helping Living Energies to build a strong visual identity.

"Working with Living Energies, translating this incredible, caring staff and their goals into visual form, has been a wonderful challenge. We are in the process of refining the identity of Living Energies and what it stands for, so we are boiling down print and online graphics in order to reflect that. It's an exciting process!"